Let’s Save the Planet


Today I was driving to work, and I saw from afar, a tree falling to the ground. It shook me. Looking at this happening made me feel sad and something in me wanted to save it. It was too late. I did drive past the area and saw that people dressed in work clothes, seemed to be chopping down the trees because it seemed that they were impeding on the electrical wires that were beginning to run through the branches.  It just got me thinking……what are we doing to our planet? Are we caring enough about our home? I got a strong sense that we can do more and it is our obligation to do more as a community.

Today sparked some inspiration in me. I always felt connected to the trees. Growing up, being is forests and hugging trees and even speaking with them was so natural.  I know that I am being called to save the trees and the planet. How? Where do I begin? I am not exactly sure, but I thought writing a blog about my experience and desire is a great place to start and continue.

I will list 5 ways that we can start today to make this world a cleaner place:

  1. Stop using plastic (bottles, bags, cutlery, containers etc.) Instead buy glass and reusable water bottles and bags when you go shopping.
  2. Try to reduce the consumption of animal products you are eating. Meat production plays a big role in the global warming crisis. Cut back or go vegetarian/vegan. Always consult with someone like myself when making these changes to ensure that you are getting all your vitamins and minerals and proteins.
  3. If you smoke, please stop throwing your cigarettes on the floor.
  4. Buy less processed foods. Increase intake of local fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Do not litter. Pick up litter.

I am going to strive to do my part in making this world a better place and if you want to join me, the world today and tomorrow will thank you!


Saving the planet,

Dr. Jen Cisternino, ND