6 Reasons Why YOU Can Benefit From My Help

Naturopathic Medicine is becoming mainstream medicine. Most people have both a Naturopathic Doctor and Medical Doctor helping them with their health needs. Integrative Wellness Centres are popping up everywhere as the need and demand for alternative and collaborative care increases. The medicine of the future is now. If you have been “on the fence” about seeing a Naturopathic Doctor for some time now, I hope to inspire you to make the commitment for a healthier future. It really is worth it!  Here are a few reasons why you can benefit from seeing me “Dr. Jen”.

  1. I will give you the TIME and ATTENTION you need to help you to feel better. A common complaint of people who visit their Medical Doctor is that they feel rushed in their appointment, they don’t ask questions because of time and feel that they are not being listened to.  The experience you get when coming to see me is a lot different. I cultivate a safe, calm environment where you can share your feelings, concerns and wishes. In my opinion and experience, this is essential for healing. My initial visit in 1 hour and 15 min long. In this appointment my aim is to learn about YOU and figure out the best ways to help YOU.
  2. I am very PASSIONATE about helping people reach better health. I practice from a place of love, not ego, so this means that I am interested in YOUR WELLBEING more than anything.  The relationship I have with all my patients is one of love, respect, trust, humility and honesty. When patients have trust in their doctor, the commitment to health and overall wellbeing improves. I do all that I can to provide my patients with the best knowledge, care and support as your Naturopathic Doctor.
  3. I will help you to PREVENT disease and live a life of QUALITY and VITALITY. I always believed that preventing disease is the surest way to enjoy life on earth. That means taking a look at your diet, lifestyle habits, emotions etc. and changing those to exemplify good health. Most people would agree that it is better to be healthy and listen to early warning signs of imbalance before more serious illness takes place. Naturopathic Doctors have been taught to understand the “whole” person while healing mind, body and spirit.
  4. I “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”. Although I treat a variety of conditions,  if you are looking for someone to help you with WEIGHT LOSS I can help. I was overweight for many years and also struggled with my body image. My situation made me feel sad, anxious and helpless ….so I have been in your shoes, trust me!. Through a program of my own,  I have lost more than 40lbs and have kept it off for 6 years now.  My expertise as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor has also given me the knowledge and skills needed for a healthier body and mind. I also founded Revive-all Wellness, which is a community based program geared for women who want to lose weight and be empowered. I can honestly say that I have come to a place in my life where I have unconditional love for myself and have helped many people along the way feel the same.  I would love the same for you too!
  5. I will help you get to the “ROOT” cause of your suffering. The conventional medical model is more of a “band aid” approach. You take a medication for something, and it may cause other negative side effects. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I want to know “why” ? Why is this happening in your body/mind and how can we help it and prevent it from returning. This may mean taking a supplement to fix nutritional deficiencies, detoxing the organs, changing your diet, exercising, managing your stress, changing your thoughts, meditation/acupuncture etc.
  6. I can offer you testing that your Medical Doctor does not have the time nor access to do. In my office, I run several different tests that will help to determine imbalances in the body that may contribute to disease. Some tests include: candida testing, mineral testing, heavy metal testing, food allergy testing, hormone testing, adrenal testing. I also have access to Life Labs and can order any lab test that your MD can order if I feel that it will help you.

I hope this has helped you learn more about me “Dr. Jen” and My Naturopathic Practice. If you would like to chat with me over the phone about your health, you can sign up for a free 15 minute consult on my homepage of my website. www.drjencisternino.com.

I would love to help you along your journey.


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