A Vacation for the Mind, Body and Soul! How to continue your vacation when at home.

costa ricaI just returned from a beautiful vacation in Costa Rica. The resort I stayed at was nestled within acres of lush trees, flowers, ponds and wild life. I saw monkeys, iguanas, butterflies, lizards and birds- hummingbirds were my favourite. When I was away, I felt AMAZING! My mind, body and soul were energized. I took some time to reflect on why. This is what I noticed, maybe you can relate.

  1. When away I am more physically active each day- walking, swimming, running, hiking, dancing and I even went zip lining! So much fun!
  2. I had the best sleep. It was uninterrupted and sound. I dreamed wonderful dreams and remembered them upon waking. This is a great sign of deep sleep.
  3. I awoke refreshed and excited to start my day. It was not difficult getting out of bed and I didn’t have to hit the “snooze” button.
  4. I was surrounded by such happy, kind, loving people who’s generosity and concern made me feel fantastic.
  5. When I hit my bed at night, lights were out! No time to think, worry or stress. (albeit, the next day consisted of going to the beach, swimming and deciding what to eat) What a feeling!
  6. I ate 3 healthy balanced meals a day and I felt great! My appetite was healthy and I had no digestive issues. I didn’t even gain weight with all the food I was eating.
  7. I laughed a lot! My cheeks hurt. My boyfriend happens to be the funniest guy I know. We had great conversations about life and one another.

After my 7 day vacation, I returned home and noticed my energy dwindle, my mind become busy and my movement and digestion slowed. I asked myself why? Is it the people, different food, work stress, lack of activity and clean air?

So I think to myself, I have 3 options to help my mind, body and soul.

  1. Move to Costa Rica
  2. Take more frequent vacations
  3. Try to simulate my “vacation” activities while here.

I think at this point in my life, I will focus on the later two options. Here is what I suggest you all do for better health and happiness because I am not alone when I talk about the vacation highs and lows.

How to Vacation at Home

  1. Try to immerse yourself in nature each day. Aim for at least 20 minutes in fresh air. This is great for the body, soul and mind.
  2. Move your body each day. If you have a desk job (which I do), aim to get outside and run or do a form of activity you enjoy. This will keep your body strong and your mind in a healthy state.
  3. Find time to have meaningful conversations about life and love with the people you care about and love. Find time to laugh too. If you don’t have a funny partner or friend, watch comedy shows.
  4. Practice gratitude. Be thankful for everything and say THANK YOU! I did this a lot while on vacation and it felt great! Notice when someone does or says something nice. Forward the act of kindness.
  5. Fill your day with things that make you happy. Be busy creating and exploring and helping people. This will ensure that you are both mentally and physically tired when you “hit the sac”.
  6. Live the “PURA VIDA”. In Costa Rica, the locals would always use this phrase which means “pure life, natural life and simple life”. Aim to live like the costa ricans and live simply and naturally. Don’t complicate things and enjoy the simple things in life.
  7. Always have another vacation planned. This will give you excitement, pleasure and something to look forward to.

Wishing you a vacation-like life.

Pura Vida!

Dr. Jen Cisternino, ND

Naturopath, Intuitive Healer, Speaker, Blogger, Soon to be Author


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