Let’s Change the Conversation We Have About Weight Loss

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Too often I hear people conversing with each other saying things like: “Look how fat I look”, “you shouldn’t eat that, it will give you cellulite”,”I hate the way I look”, “I am on a carb-free diet and I have lost 8 lbs in one week”, “I need to lose weight, I am so unhappy”. One of the most talked about topics among couples, families and friends is weight loss and body image. How depressing! There are so many beautiful things to talk about like fond memories, goals and dreams for the future!

What if we changed the conversation we had with others and ourselves about weight loss? What if instead, we were kinder to each other and spoke words and suggestions that were more loving such as “move your body and eat for nourishment, instead of “let’s go stuff our faces and then diet tomorrow.”

There is a massive negative culture around our physical appearance and looking sexy, thin and fit at all costs.
I am asking you to see yourself and those around you in a different light. See beneath the skin, through the eyes, into the soul of your friends, family and dearest to you, which ultimately is love and light.
Don’t encourage dieting and emphasis on the “physical body shape”. It weakens us and brings on a lot of anxiety and stress. We are all beautiful and we need to encourage those around us to see that beauty.
If you are surrounding yourself with “dieters” who have a very negative self image and are constantly talking about weight gain/loss, do yourself and them a favour and do these 3 things:
1. Stop your friends/family from talking negatively about themselves because it is not helping them in any way. It is actually moving them further away from reaching their goals.
2. Tell them to seek professional help (help with someone who sees weight loss as a lifestyle change not a “restrictive diet”)
3. Say to them, I will support you and I love you just as you are! Let’s go for a walk!

Further example of how to change the conversation:
Friend: “I am so fat, I need to go on a diet.”
You: “You need to stop saying that to yourself. You are beautiful inside and out. If you wish to be healthier in mind and body then I understand. A diet is not the answer. Make some lifestyle changes so that you can be happier. I know a great Naturopath (Dr. Jen) that helps people love and accept themselves as they make changes to their life and health.”

In my past, when I had an eating disorder, I was surrounded by people, friends, family and social media who fed my disorder and probably caused my distorted beliefs about food and my body. I wished so very much that someone could have taken me by the hand and looked into my eyes and said “STOP hurting and punishing yourself. Love and accept yourself just as you are. You are enough. You are a loving soul who has so much love and purpose in this life. I will show you how to love and nourish yourself so you may live a life of happiness, love and great health.” It did not happen exactly this way, but thankfully, I was guided in the right direction and I overcame my eating disorder. I have lived to share my experience and I have more passionate than ever to share my message with the world and all those people who want to lose weight but feel hopeless.

If you are struggling or you know someone who is struggling with weight or body image issues, let me be that person who takes your hand and shows you the way to love and great health! It really is the only way 😉

Your Friendly Naturopath,

profile picDr. Jen Cisternino, ND

242 Appelwood, Unit 3

Concord, On


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