Dr. Jen would be happy to help you succeed in your business. She created Spirited Coaching to help health care practitioners find success in their business and continue to have passion for helping people.

Dr. Jen understands that having your own business can be scary and very little business skills are taught in your school. You have mastered your skills, but unfortunately, you need to be able to navigate the business side of your practice for success.

With a successful naturopathic practice and an innate drive to motivate and inspire others, Dr. Jen is happy to be a mentor and business coach to those who are searching for help.

Business coaching can be done online or in person. Her Spirited Coaching Program is 6 months.

Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested and would like more information.

If you are a recent grad or are looking to improve your business, reach out so she can get to know you and help you reach your business and personal goals.