3 Shocking Mistakes that Jeopardize your Weight Loss Efforts

  1. Too restrictive with your diet.  When you cut calories, you also cut your metabolism in half.  Keep track of how many calories you are getting into your body each day and more importantly how nutritious your food is per calorie count. There are simple calculations and tools that can help you track this online.
  2. Over exercising– I can’t tell you enough how it can work against your weight loss efforts to do daily intense exercise for 2 hours or more! These kind of  people love to work out, however, their bodies are releasing more cortisol – our stress hormone. What happens when we release cortisol? We sabotage our weight loss efforts. Giving the body rest and choosing other forms of exercise like yoga or tai chi can be beneficial.
  3. Hanging around people who are not supportive of your efforts. Be wise who you choose to  hang around. It is very hard to always say “NO”. Sooner or later, you will slip up and eat that bag of chips or brownies in your cupboard. Out of sight and out of mind.  Choose people who eat healthy, encourage healthy habits and you will find it easier to stay on task.

Good luck,

Dr. Jen Cisternino, Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Weight Loss Expert


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