About Dr. Jen Cisternino

“Hi” and nice to meet you virtually. I hope we get the chance to connect so that I may be able to listen to your health concerns and help you feel better. That is my hope and mission in becoming a doctor. I know that true wealth is in your health. Without it, you can’t enjoy much at all.

I received my Naturopathic Diploma in 2011 from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Prior to that, I received a Bachelor Degree with Honours from York University. This was the foundation of my learning and medical knowledge

Some other jobs that contributed to my breadth of knowledge were as such; I was a Personal Trainer for 12 years- helping people lose weight and get fit. I also led Yoga Classes at a Hot Yoga Studio and privately. I was also a Soccer Trainer for the Women’s Richmondhill Soccer Teams. I also worked at the Canadian Back Institute working along side physiotherapist and kinesiologist helping people heal from work place injuries.

The knowledge I gained from my Naturopathic School was very multi-dimensional.  I learned about nutrition, supplementation, diagnosing conditions, pharmacology, counselling, acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal medicine. I am never lost for ways to help people. I feel like I have so many tools to help people and I have found over my years in practice, some of the clinical pearls of proven success.  Having said that, and also letting you know I married a Medical Doctor (Dr. Joe) I am not ignorant to conventional medicine and its role in health care. I am very open to the marriage of both (no pun intended) to bring better health care to our world. So if you are already on medications and are looking for conjunctive therapy, I am happy to help. If you feel unsure about which treatment to commence- natural or conventional- I can help guide you.  I pride myself on taking the time to get to know you as a person and feel humbled at the opportunity to impart wisdom, knowledge and healing to people.

It does not matter the reason for coming to see me. You don’t need a reason other than, “I want to prevent disease”. I treat a variety of conditions and enjoy helping each person better understand their health and root cause for dis-ease.  Many people seek my care for hormone health, digestive health and weight loss through healthy living and lifestyle shifts.  I meet patients where they are comfortable and always connect with each of my patients in a heart centered way.

Growing up in a big Italian family, I was always taught to treat others with love and respect and always make people feel right at home. I am humbled with what I have and all that I do and I would be delighted to meet you and help you feel “right at home”.

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