How to get rid of FEAR in 5 steps


Fear is something that cripples the mind and body. It acts like a barracade that prevents forward momentum in one’s life. I am sure we all have fears about different things in our life. How much fear and how much it affects our life can differ from person to person.

I am sure you have heard the saying “face your fears” many times and although it sounds great, it can be hard to process and act out.

Fear in most cases is mind-generated. This means that we create and enlarge the fear so much that it stops us in our tracks and limits us from achieving our goals and being truly happy and free.

Try these steps:

  1. Make a list of all your fears.
  2. Beside each fear, write down *WHY you are afraid and *WHEN you started being afraid and *HOW it affects your life.
  3. Are you ready to make a change and let go of fear? How will this feel?
  4. List Benefits to change.
  5. Ask for God’s help.

For example:

FEAR #1: I am afraid of dying.

2.WHY: Because I have not lived my life fully. I don’t believe there is a heaven. It is scary.

WHEN: This fear began after the death of my grandparent whom I loved very much. She was too young to go.

HOW: This plays out in my life each day. I have thoughts about it whenever I have an ache or pain in my body. I avoid doing things that are “risky” so I stay home where I am safe.

3. Yes I am ready to make a change. This will be scary for me and may bring on anxiety.

4. Benefits of Change: Clearer head. I will do more activities. Live a free life. (focus on these benefits often)

5.Ask for God’s Help: This may take weekly prayers and surrendering your fears and asking for guidance.

The process of  letting your fears go will take time but I can help you get there.

Cheers to a fearless life!

Reach out for Help. Much love.

Dr. Jen Cisternino, Naturopath, Blogger, Intuitive, Soon to be author!


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How To Make “Back to School” Stress Free: Tips for Parents and Kids



School is just around the corner. This may make you feel anxious, excited, afraid, happy or sad. How do you feel? This time of year can make many people feel stressed and anxious as they prepare themselves and their children for school. The transition from summer to school does not have to be stressful. Here are some tips to help you and your child ease your way back into school.

Tips to help ease stress for PARENTS:

  1. Get ORGANIZED at least one week before school. This includes cleaning the kids rooms, tidying up their play area and also creating a “HOMEWORK” Zone that is fun and appealing for the kids. If possible, organize the kids closets and drawers so that they can easily dress themselves in the morning- with a quick look over by a parent ofcourse.
  2. Shop ONLINE for back to school clothes and supplies. Do this sooner than later. This can alleviate stress and save time for end of summer fun.
  3. If you tend to WORRY about your children in school and this time of year brings you stress and anxiety, focus on the time YOU may have as a parent to NOURISH yourself. Whether that is starting a yoga class, new eating plan, acupuncture or having more time for socializing. Remember, children feed off your energy and vitality. If you are stressed out, they will feel that. Aim to stay cool, calm and collected. Reach out for help.
  4. Try COLOURING Books for adults. Although this activity can help your child with focus, concentration and anxiousness, it is great for adults as well. Great activity to do with your children. You can all benefit!

Tips to help ease stress for KIDS:

  1. Get your kids on a routine at least one week before school starts. Set times for bathing and bedtime. Getting sound sleep is important for your child’s energy, mood and focus. Reading bedtime stories or playing calming music may help some children who are anxious. A hug and a kiss goodnight accompanied by “I LOVE YOU” soothes any child’s soul.
  2. Talk to your children about how they feel about starting school. If you notice that your child is anxious (stomach aches can be a sign) try to ascertain why. Try to help them focus on the positives of going to school. ie. meeting new friends, gym class, seeing your favorite teacher or anything that may have been memorable for them. This is important as children don’t always know how to express themselves. Taking the time to speak calmly and openly with them is important.
  3. Get your kids involved in picking their favorite knapsack and lunch bag. Picking their favorite superhero may give them more confidence and excitement about going to school.
  4. Take your kids grocery shopping with you. Make them a part of their lunch and snack picking. No parent wants their children coming home with a full lunchbox and you know how important fueling the mind and body is. One good treat, one not-so-good treat. Everything in moderation.
  5. Aim to start weaning kids off summer treats which may include a lot of sugar, fats, additives and preservatives. This can help ease anxiousness and hyperactivity in children.
  6. Leave your child a note each day in their lunchbox. It could be a funny picture or sweet message. “Have a nice day :)”. “Mommy and Daddy love you”. “Can’t wait to hear about your day”. “Keep smiling”. Little messages from a parent can make a child feel connected and calm.

If you find these tips helpful please share! Another parent or child may benefit and start school with more ease and happiness because of you.

Wishing you a healthy and happy school start. Here for all your health needs.

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Stay tuned for my next blogs titled…”What supplements should your child be on” and “How to keep your child’s immune system healthy during the school year.”

Food: Friend or Foe? Find out with this test!










Setting aside the old adage that fruits and vegetables are good for you, I have come to understand that  “one diet does not fit all”. Why is this? This could be due to genetic variances among individuals, different states of health, age, activity level or different immune system responses.

What do I mean by immune system responses? In simple terms, when you eat food, your immune system recognizing food particles as “good” or “bad”, which translates to “easily digested and absorbed” or “poorly digested and absorbed”. When a food reaction occurs in the body, a.k.a food sensitivity, these reactions are characterized by the production of IgG antibodies. These antibodies form antigen-antibody complexes that deposit in tissues and leads to chronic inflammation. They are responsible for the ‘delayed-onset’ of symptoms, which can occur several hours or days after foods are ingested, hence making the foods difficult to detect.

Symptoms may include:

  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • headaches/migraines
  • fatigue
  • anxiety/depression
  • high blood pressure
  • eczema/acne
  • asthma/allergies
  • joint pain
  • runny nose
  • arthritis
  • weight problems
  • fibromyalgia

IgG Food Intolerance Blood Test

If you experience any of the above symptoms, you are a candidate for this test. The IgG Food Intolerance Test can accurately determine which foods (200+) or ingredients may be causing your symptoms. With removal of the offending foods, which are outlined in your test results, your body can heal, find balance and good health.


Here is what my patients are saying after taking the test and implementing the results.

This test gave me a piece of mind. I had bloating and constipation for many years and couldn’t narrow down which foods were the problem. After seeing my test results, it was clear what I needed to avoid and my symptoms went away. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. Thanks Dr. Jen!
Patricia D.

I lost 20 lbs avoiding the foods that my body did not agree with.  I no longer had bloating and felt pregnant. I am now eating cleaner and have more knowledge about food and ingredients since doing the test.
Mary W.

I suffered with IBS for many years and was prescribed laxatives and antispasmodics by my G.P. I still felt unwell and something was telling me to do a Food Sensitivity Test. I saw Dr. Jen and after completing the test and getting my results, I realized that two foods I were eating were creating so much inflammation in my body. Since then I removed the foods and have better digestion and appetite control.
Gary D.

Knowing my sensitivities was something I was curious about. I was afraid that gluten would come up, but it didn’t. When I removed dairy, which was a sensitivity for me, my allergy symptoms resolved and I no longer have to keep a box of Kleenex by my side.
Micheal S.

I had eczema on my elbows for many years and cortisone cream would work modestly at best. I did the test with Dr. Jen and started seeing results within 2 weeks of avoiding my sensitivities. The eczema on my elbows has almost completely cleared without steroid cream. I am happy with the results.
Michelle L.

Hope this helps,

Reach out to book an appointment to have this test done in my office,

Dr. Jen Cisternino, Naturopath
Intuitive Healer, Inspirationalist!


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How strong are your PATIENCE muscles?

Is there something you want in your life but are finding that no matter what you do, it is not being achieved?

I am sure you are very familiar with this word. Patience. Take a deep breath in and out… Patience is a virtue. A very important one that I learned on my life journey. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

What does patience look like to YOU? Was there a time in your life where this virtue made itself apparent or maybe you are currently being asked to be patient.

Patience can be called upon in many different scenarios. Waiting for the bus, having patience in your doctor’s office, sitting in traffic or for the sun to come out on a cloudy day. Alternatively it can sound like this “It has been 5 years now I have been looking for a loving partner” or “2 years waiting to get pregnant” or “It has been 8 years waiting for the career position I want. ”

The degree of patience may be different in each situation, but let’s focus on the situations that require more than 24 hours of patience. When I think about what it means to be patient this is what I believe to be true. I believe patience is God telling us “hold on, the best is coming to you, I just need more time to make it perfect.”

When I hear people saying “I have lost my patience”, this means to me that you no longer have faith or you do not care to have what you are asking for.

Most people see patience as “waiting”. This can be a trap for “suffering” until “it” happens. I used to think this way, and it wasn’t fun or joyful. This way of thinking actually robs you of the joy of today. You prevent yourself from loving and appreciating each present moment because you are “waiting” and “wasting” time.










Let’s try this exercise together. Make a list of the things you really want and have been waiting for.

Example 1: Buying a house

2. New relationship

3. Weight Loss

4. etc….

Now for each example, make a list of the reasons preventing you from getting what you want.

Let’s take a new relationship:

  1. I am fat
  2. No one likes me
  3. There are no good men out there
  4. It is easier to be alone

*Note. Do not stop at the conscious level. What thoughts do you have each day about it and also how do you feel about it. To take this one step further, how do people around you influence you thoughts about getting what you want.*

Now I want you to review the list. Maybe what you desire may not be what you are projecting out in the Universe. OR maybe the Universe is waiting to deliver the perfect home/relationship to you that has not been made available to you. This is having faith. In the meanwhile, it is important to look at the emotions attached to your goals ie. losing weight, career change and work on changing the emotions ie. fear to excitement, joy and confidence. You may do this in many ways, but one may be visualizing yourself in the situation you desire. ie in a new relationship feeling calm and happy and having all you need to feel safe and secure.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of my favourite spiritual teachers taught me that “our thoughts create our reality”. Knowing this truth brings me to question my thoughts and beliefs around everything I desire in life. If my thoughts are not helping me to attract the things I want and desire then I work on changing them. This may be a new concept for you, but trust me, it works. The sooner you change your thoughts and BELIEVE that you can have whatever you want, the Universe will deliver it to you. If you need help getting “unstuck” reach out, I can help.

Be patient with yourself and others. This is so important. Don’t focus so much on the end goal or desire, but the beautiful journey in getting there. You will get there eventually, maybe not the direct route you planned but the winding road is worth the trip.

Take the road less traveled and be sure to smell the roses on your way…

Much love and patience,

Dr. Jen Cisternino, Naturopath, Life Coach, Intuitive Healer

Reach out if you would like help living the life you want with optimal health and energy.


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A Vacation for the Mind, Body and Soul! How to continue your vacation when at home.

costa ricaI just returned from a beautiful vacation in Costa Rica. The resort I stayed at was nestled within acres of lush trees, flowers, ponds and wild life. I saw monkeys, iguanas, butterflies, lizards and birds- hummingbirds were my favourite. When I was away, I felt AMAZING! My mind, body and soul were energized. I took some time to reflect on why. This is what I noticed, maybe you can relate.

  1. When away I am more physically active each day- walking, swimming, running, hiking, dancing and I even went zip lining! So much fun!
  2. I had the best sleep. It was uninterrupted and sound. I dreamed wonderful dreams and remembered them upon waking. This is a great sign of deep sleep.
  3. I awoke refreshed and excited to start my day. It was not difficult getting out of bed and I didn’t have to hit the “snooze” button.
  4. I was surrounded by such happy, kind, loving people who’s generosity and concern made me feel fantastic.
  5. When I hit my bed at night, lights were out! No time to think, worry or stress. (albeit, the next day consisted of going to the beach, swimming and deciding what to eat) What a feeling!
  6. I ate 3 healthy balanced meals a day and I felt great! My appetite was healthy and I had no digestive issues. I didn’t even gain weight with all the food I was eating.
  7. I laughed a lot! My cheeks hurt. My boyfriend happens to be the funniest guy I know. We had great conversations about life and one another.

After my 7 day vacation, I returned home and noticed my energy dwindle, my mind become busy and my movement and digestion slowed. I asked myself why? Is it the people, different food, work stress, lack of activity and clean air?

So I think to myself, I have 3 options to help my mind, body and soul.

  1. Move to Costa Rica
  2. Take more frequent vacations
  3. Try to simulate my “vacation” activities while here.

I think at this point in my life, I will focus on the later two options. Here is what I suggest you all do for better health and happiness because I am not alone when I talk about the vacation highs and lows.

How to Vacation at Home

  1. Try to immerse yourself in nature each day. Aim for at least 20 minutes in fresh air. This is great for the body, soul and mind.
  2. Move your body each day. If you have a desk job (which I do), aim to get outside and run or do a form of activity you enjoy. This will keep your body strong and your mind in a healthy state.
  3. Find time to have meaningful conversations about life and love with the people you care about and love. Find time to laugh too. If you don’t have a funny partner or friend, watch comedy shows.
  4. Practice gratitude. Be thankful for everything and say THANK YOU! I did this a lot while on vacation and it felt great! Notice when someone does or says something nice. Forward the act of kindness.
  5. Fill your day with things that make you happy. Be busy creating and exploring and helping people. This will ensure that you are both mentally and physically tired when you “hit the sac”.
  6. Live the “PURA VIDA”. In Costa Rica, the locals would always use this phrase which means “pure life, natural life and simple life”. Aim to live like the costa ricans and live simply and naturally. Don’t complicate things and enjoy the simple things in life.
  7. Always have another vacation planned. This will give you excitement, pleasure and something to look forward to.

Wishing you a vacation-like life.

Pura Vida!

Dr. Jen Cisternino, ND

Naturopath, Intuitive Healer, Speaker, Blogger, Soon to be Author


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