5 Rules To Help you Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

New year, new you! I am sure you have heard that over and over again. “What is wrong with the old me?”- you wonder. This time of year can elicit anxiety and stress in people, especially if you are wanting to change everything about yourself.  For example- you want to change how much you weigh, what you eat, how often you exercise. You want to have a more positive mind set. You want to attract a new partner or get rid of people that are bringing you down.  You may have career goals or financial goals you wish to achieve…AWESOME! The only downfall is that you maybe adding more stress to your life OR you may be going about achieving your goals the wrong way.  Let me help you achieve your goals by highlighting 5 rules you must follow.

Rule #1: Visualization

Spend some time each morning and night, visualizing yourself reaching success. If weight loss and eating healthy is your goal, then see yourself in as much detail having actualized your goal. What are you wearing? Are you smiling? What are you doing? What are you eating? Imagine it and feel the emotions of having already achieved it. This is the power of the mind. It will keep you focused and it will draw to you that exact experience. Trust it! Have fun with this exercise.

Rule #2: Affirmations 

Say a statement that already affirms you having reached your goals. The statements usually start with “I am”. Example for weight loss.

I am fit

I am healthy

I love the way I look in my jeans

I am eating healthy foods

I am energetic etc…….

I ask that you create your own, specific to your goal(s), and write them down. Repeat saying them each day- morning and night.

Rule #3: Clean up your Diet

Getting rid of sugar and fried foods and increasing vegetables and fruits does something magical to the mind and body. It invigorates the cells in our body and raises our vibration. When you are vibrating high, energetically speaking, you are able to manifest all your desires quicker and with more ease. Try eating better and drinking more water. See how much lighter you feel.

Rule #4: Exercise 

Moving our bodies does something magical to our cells. It sends a message of “I love you and I want you to be strong”. Taking time to exercise, helps release stress and it boosts happy hormones that makes us feel lighter and more motivated to achieve our goals.

Rule #5: Dont’ Give Up. Forgive yourself.

Let go of the idea of “perfection” or “all or nothing”. Each day try to follow rules 1-4. If you happen to fall off track, don’t fret, look at yourself in the mirror and say “I LOVE YOU, I FORGIVE YOU. LET’S DO BETTER TOMORROW”. This act of self love and care will keep you going.

If you wish to further accelerate your healing with myself- In person, or via skype, reach out. It would be my pleasure to help you be your best self.

Much love!

Dr. Jennifer Cisternino


Spiritual Healer