Heavy Periods? A Calling for Help.


Why would a woman consciously choose to bleed excessively and lose her vital “Qi” (life fore energy). When we bleed, we lose precious minerals and vitamins from the body.  If  we lose too much this can be very serious and life threatening.

There can be several reasons for it; However, in this article I want to discuss the lesser known reasons. Most women I see in my office are not aware of the impact their thoughts and emotions have on their physical bodies. I help women to become aware of the ones that are causing them to feel sick and we work together to change them for better hormone and weight balance.

Let me remind you that the menstrual cycle is a cycle of intuitive wisdom and emotional processing. How do you feel about your period? Women who see the menstrual cycle as bad or shameful typically have heavy menstrual periods. This often leads them to put in an IUD  (intra-uterine device) so that they are never reminded of the cycle that they “hate and could do without”.

Most women who have “heavy periods” also typically have issues related to chronic stress over “2nd chakra issues” which pertain to creativity, relationships, money and control over others.

Take out a piece of paper and honestly answer the questions I ask you:

Creativity: Are you exerting your creative brain? Are there creative projects inside you wanting to be expressed? Do you spend enough time in playful thought or are you rigid in your routine. The energy in your second chakra would benefit from some coloring, painting, dancing, creating a project, photography, or whatever else you enjoy.

Relationships: Which relationships in your life need some healing? It could be any relationship- from ones in your past to the present moment. Think of all the people in your life that could have caused you hurt and pain. As an aside, there are some people that will depend on you to give your time, love and energy to them. It’s as if you are being “sucked dry”. This type of relationship can also cause blood loss. Remember, what you allow will continue. Your heavy periods may be a sign that you need to learn how to say NO.

Money: How are your finances? How do you feel about money? Are you secure or always looking for more? Financial stress can root itself in your lower chakras which can become imbalanced and cause menstrual issues.

Control: Are you a control freak? Do you need to do things at your pace, in your time and what you say goes? Do you try to exert power over people? Do you feel like you are losing control? This feeling can sometimes manifest as bleeding- loss of control over your reproductive area. Life is a lot easier, and your health is a lot better when you relax and realize that God has control and all is good. There is nothing to worry about but worrying. See where in your life you can lessen control and relax and enjoy a bit more.

For more help about your heavy periods and what to eat for hormonal balance, reach out!

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