Are you giving your JOY away?

One of the reasons people are not happy is because they keep giving away their joy.

What does this mean? Example: You are waiting for a parking spot and as soon as the car pulls out, a car comes in from around the corner and takes the spot you were waiting for.  You start yelling and cursing and even get out of your car to scold them and find out why they would do that. Your heart starts to beat faster and your face gets red and your whole body gets tense. Do you think you are feeling joy?  This is an example of someone giving away their joy. The alternative would be this…I will give you my parking spot but I will not give away my joy. You calmly find another spot. Which sounds more like your reaction?

In life, you can’t control what people say or do. You can try but it never works out to be the case. You can only control how you respond.  Whether you find yourself in the same car situations or with someone in the office or family you may be giving away your joy. You need to understand that the person in your office may not change. If you see yourself working there for long, it is in your best health to change your reaction. This is where your power is.

Having your joy dependent on the approval of others is another block to feeling joy.  Unfortunately people will talk and not always talk positively about others. The reality is, the people that are going places are talked about more commonly- not the ones who hide in the background.

I had to deal with this as I became more public and had more eyes looking at me. I didn’t always have people saying positive things about me. It hurt me because I just wanted to be liked by everyone. As I was watching T.V  one Sunday, Joel Olsteen started talking about this topic and here is what he said. I felt like he was talking directly to me:

They can see you are going places. What they say cannot keep you from your destiny. Don’t let them distract you.  Some people can’t handle your success. They will make remarks to put you down- to distract you, but don’t allow it, don’t get involved in battles. Most conflict is a distraction.  Not everyone is supposed to like you. It is said in many religious stories that some people are ordained by God to not be for you- not everyone will accept you. They may be integral to your growth in this life, taking you to the next level of your destiny. Your job is not to make sure everyone likes you, your job is to do what God put you here to do.

Amen to that!

I hope to have inspired you to protect your JOY and your individual journey.

Wishing you love and support!

Dr. Jen